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    How to get leads Like a Professional

    Click My Bubble is a concept and business model developed by Event City. It is created to help everyone from students learning communications, public relations, marketing and advertising to the world of Chat Bots, other Interactive Web-based communications, helping to manage customer and client relations to executive team functionality. BizBubble leaves all the other chat bots in the dust.

    How does it do this?


    It describes the purpose and utility of enhanced commercial type videos that present greeting messages about the client's services, and products directly from their site. Anything from a simple Tik Tok post to Instagram and other Social Media engagements our visual society is off the hook and now with the ability to offer instant message engagement.

    Biz Bubble offers added interactive functionality. It destroys chatbots and greets a customer directly on your website which is fully automated adding the engagement channels to make it even more powerful. This technology basically creates the opportunity to virtually clone you and your team to meet new prospects and interact with current customers and clients. We are creating a new instant way to Meet and Greet new prospects, or existing users experiencing this technology, it allows you to give your visitor the ability to be in the driver's seat and an easy way to connect with your clients, customers and new business.


    It displays how the process of video production and feature channel enhancements is now an easy tool to implement for your business. The presentation of a vertical or horizontal screen can be demonstrated and determined by the context of the video.

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    Example: Vertical message of the company founder greeting the visitor versus horizontal display of a realtor standing in front of a they're showcasing to sell.


    This would make more sense to the visitor and might encourage them to respond with more interest, questions and contact information.

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    Promote your projects, features, or clients like never before.

    Click My Bubble to get BizBubble on your website

    Integrating Click My Bubble™ with BizBubble to add custom integrations, and your favorite communication & business tools

    The Event City proprietary Click My Bubble program is an enhanced Event City Technology partner, you can easily add a number of different customized business model options to enhance your entire BizBubble experience. Additionally, it will give you a variety of other features and functionalities that your customers can apply to their business model that goes beyond your website but adds numerous other revenue models.

  • BizBubble Greet and Contact Service

    Personally greet your website visitors

    Click My Bubble with Biz Bubble


    • It's you and not some hard to program chatbot.
    • Add live human connection possibilities using CLICK MY BUBBLE services.
    • Webpage monitoring
    • Remote takeover
    • Live video chat with no install necessary.
    Click My Bubble with Biz Bubble


    • Cut down on spam bot responses to contact forms.
    • Intercept visitors who might not fill out the contact form.
    • More effective lead capture.
    • Personally guide post-enrollment configuration.
  • How to Click My Bubble

    It's easy to put together

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    Greet Visitors

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    Record quick video

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    Personalize to site

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    Book an appointment

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    Connect Channels

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