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  • BizBubble & Click my Bubble

    BizBubble replaces the old Chat-Bot customer greeting and interactive tool that is a video based gizmo that starts out the size of a small circle and then opens into a larger window when the user clicks on it. It enlarges to the size of a smartphone screen and the company representative delivers the message, video greeting as an interactive solution.

    How does BizBubble Pro help your business g R O W ?

    It Automates a variety of processes using EC Development's technology and combining it with AI to Greet, Serve, Show & Tell and Sell to each website visitor all on autopilot!!

    Greet your website visitors with a powerful video welcome message,

    then lead them to connect with you via communication channels & tools you already use! This is BizBubble in a nutshell. With the proprietary Click My Bubble program, an Event City Technology partner, you can easily add a number of different customized business model options to enhance your entire BizBubble experience. Additionally, it will give you a variety of other features and functionalities that your customers can apply to their business model that goes beyond your website but adds numerous other revenue models.

    ​1. Ecommerce at the Event City Marketplace

    2. Digital Gift Card Program

    3. EC TAG – Connects with friends, businesses, products, events and deals

    4. POD – Print-on-demand to easily create your Merchandise reseller program

    5. WOWTixs – This ticket platform is simply the best Ticketing and Registration system. Why? Because it is simple, effective and is not a Ticketing system but a full fledged Event, Tradeshow, festival and Live show event management service.

    It's the Event City platform to help you run faster than the rest. Ask us about our WOWTixs Bundle with BizBubble Pro, Digital Gift Card program and Listing on large-scale Entertainment platforms. Discover some of the exciting ways that BizBubble Pro can help you to win more customers, increase sales, build your online presence, and grow faster.


    Take advantage of your personality and record a personal message for each visitor to promote your brand and products, or direct visitors to affiliate promotions.

  • How to Build a Biz Bubble Like a Professional

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  • It's Great for any purpose

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    • It's Easy To Find Many Uses of our BizBubble Product:
    • Greet each visitor
    • Launch new Music projects
    • Promote your Events
    • Actually Sell Tickets thru WOWTixs
    • Sell your Merchandise
    • Promote and Sell your Music
    • Product Launches
    • Personally Invite visitors to a Special Event
    • Introduce New Real Estate Listings
    • Book appointments
    • Capture more leads
    • Drive more sales
    • Record many Testimonials
    • Easily create a Testimonial Page
    • Build your brand
    • Tie it into the Event City Digital Gift Card Program
    • ...and so much more!
    • We can even help you create a Custom Reseller Program if you like Biz Bubble as much as we do!! Start making Monthly Recurring Revenue immediately!


  • BizBubble & Click Bubble

    It's Easy To Use our BizBubble Product:

    It's as easy as 1-2-3 to Click My Bubble™

    1. Record a personal video message (you know, like everyone with a phone does on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and many others.)

    2. Upload the video to your BizBubble platform using your own Dashboard - a special code is created and uploaded to your website.

    3. The video appears in the friendly attention-grabbing bubble, you select your custom“engagements” and you are ready to welcome anyone who visits your website.

    Add a Human Touch To Your Website and Lead Your Visitors To Take The Important Actions You

    Need To Help You Grow Your Business

    BizBubble Pro is a flexible solution and can be adapted to deliver new sales automation strategies as your business grows.

  • 1-2-3 Biz Bubble Fun

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    Step 1

    Record video

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    Step 2

    Upload and set the engagement buttons

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    Step 3

    Copy the button code and place on your website